mga kwento at haka-haka ni kakang pepe

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


i would certainly be glued to my idiot box tonight to watch my best-loved reality show.

my beloved pinas, takes center stage as one of the "pit stops" of the popular US reality television show the "The Amazing Race". our country's participation comes with the imprimatur of malacaƱang, to help boost our ebbing tourism. a good move, considering the popularity of the show.

they will be featuring metro manila and palawan. a really good contrast to highlight the true essence of our country. presidential daughter Lourdes Evangelina Arroyo, or Luli, would make a special guest appearance as the one who would welcome the finishers at an undisclosed "pit stop" in Metro Manila. there will also be a surprise appearance of someone we don't know yet (kaya nga surprise, nuts!).

me and wife are rooting for dating couple brandon and nicole. they look cool as a couple (parang kami ba...neknek mo pepe), and i'm green with envy with their composure (specially brandon) which seems to be a second nature to them.

how i wish i could be one!

who we loathe the most? the obnoxious colin, described as having a "meltdown in Manila" as he complains about wading through mud while he plowed a farm with the help of a carabao. he is such a sucker.

oh well, crunch time brings the best and the worst in anyone.