mga kwento at haka-haka ni kakang pepe

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Sleepy Tuesday

Until now I haven't decided whether to post my blogs in English or Tagalog. I guess I'm not just really a writer by heart…hahaha! But I can fully qualify as a "ranter". Anyway, if this is really about ranting, dapat siguro mixture of both languages. Sa totoong ako naman, I don't really rant in straight English or Tagalog, unless na lang work related. There's a lot of issues that I really wanted to take head on…at least by ranting.

It is such a sleepy Tuesday afternoon. Maybe I had to much to eat for lunch. As usual I had a serving of fruit (papaya wedge) before the meal. I read in few forwarded emails that this is good for the system, and for me, it makes good sense. I ordered Malay food. Nagpa "tapao" (or take out) ako ng chicken curry, "tahu goreng" (fried bean curd with string veggie, etc) at fried potato. Here in Singapore, kapag "tapao" eh halu-halo ang pagkain (read: kaning-baboy). If you are not used to it (like my wife on her maiden days here), you'll find it disgusting. The way the meal looked at talagang maanghang sya, pwede mong i-qualify as a meal sa Fear Factor. But my-oh-my, masarap sya. Acquired taste siguro, I've been here in Singapore for over 8 years na.

Teka, I guess I'm straying from my topic. Better hit the cafeteria and get myself a coffee or tea…;)