mga kwento at haka-haka ni kakang pepe

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

That Small Red Pouch

I had a quick lunch today and was trying to get a cat nap on my desk when I saw that pouch beside my computer keyboard. I badly need a nap, sleep was evasive the night before.

This red pouch contains a "santo niño" my father gave me when I came here in singpore. He said it would keep me away from harm. It sure did I suppose! I'm still alive and thriving. Now that he has been dead for two years, it has become even more meaningful. The only physical thing that binds us together.

Somehow, this pouch has a "therapeutic" and calming effect on me. I squeeze it when work pressure becomes unbearable, whenever life is not turning out the way you expect it to be, when I'm really pissed off by the people sorrounding me, when relationships turn sour.

It really feels good holding on to his gift. You know that your problem will still be there when you wake up, but least you know "someone" is there on your moment of despair…just like today. Feeling the hurt that is crippling your whole being.

As with all good things, this too shall pass…