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Sunday, February 06, 2005

College Asshole Plan

It's is becoming oh-so-true that death and taxes are the only things certain in this world, even insurance is now a misnomer.

I am one of the many CAP planholders, the beleaguered pre-need company, whose heart is very much perturbed nowadays because of the company's seemingly imminent insolvency. I am pissed off not just for myself, who at least used disposable income to pay for the premiums, but more for those less well off who scrimped on their very basic needs just to make sure of a brighter future for their children and eventually alleviate their poverty.

It is also frustrating how the state is handling the issue. Putang inang yan! It's the usual circus and grandstanding. Although there is a reason to believe that First American Investment, lending few hundred million dollars, is a sham, nobody is lifting their big fat ass to verify it! It makes me also wail that although SEC is "forcing" CAP to comply, no timeline is given! Corrective action without timeline is pure hogwash!

Hindi mo tuloy maintindihan kung mga talagang tanga o nagtatanga-tangahan lang!

I completely paid my dues few years back but the most that I can get back is 65% of it. I also need to fly back home and be there for eternity! And knowing how rotten beareaucracy in Pinas, I might as well cross my fingers and just hope CAP to bounce back. It's practically not worth it!

It won't be surprising that people to lose faith in insurance and pre-needs. CAP is biggest and yet this happened!