mga kwento at haka-haka ni kakang pepe

Friday, March 31, 2006

Pedrong Panaginip

I was sleeping like a log the night before that even Abby's wailing failed to jerk me up. Maybe it was the fatigue which was mitigated, or maybe aggravated, by a good lay in the hay. I maybe even be snoring like an old train powered by coal. I was too deep in the slumberland to notice and vividly dreaming of winning the first prize in Toto (lottery here in Singapore).

It seemed so real and really got me excited that instead of checking my emails for work issues, which is a routine that gives me the adrenalin kick at the start of each day at work, I checked the result online. Guess what? With a drooping shoulder and long face, I know I have to face reality and do it the old way --hard work, at least for the time being.

It's not that we are having difficulty making ends meet and striking lottery would ease up the purse. We are doing fine on the contrary. It's also so untrue that I'm into gambling. Those who know me would smirk at anyone who says so.