mga kwento at haka-haka ni kakang pepe

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ichthy itch

It really needs some scratching.

Although I'm planning to really spruce up the aquarium, I know it would have to wait 'till we come back from our Christmas holiday in Pinas. It would be dreadful coming back from the holidays and see my aquatic "kids" floating belly up that even with commercially available "holiday feeds" and the promise from a friend to once in while drop by to take a look won't appease me.

It would be prudent to be patient but still I relented to Sallie's constant bickering and bought six real rosy barbs (those that I initially acquired are actually platies) and a pair of dwarf gouramies. The live plants really would have to wait though.

Lo and behold, such a sight to see! The shoals of tigers and rosy's were not swimming, they were dancing. Their fins seemed orchestrated by some music beyond human ear cognizance. It's mesmerizing watching them. No wonder many are hooked. Even when they started chasing each other to claim territorial rights was very entertaining which made the kids burst with laughter. The gouramies maybe a little bit composed. The male, which is more colourful in orange stripes, hid in one of the artifical reefs while the silvery (with some metallic blue hue) female leisurely swam near the surface.

I've seen some really good aquarium set up here which I shared with my wife and the kids. It's all in the family now and there would be no turning back.