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Thursday, June 28, 2007


I moved to a new home,

Monday, June 25, 2007

World's first

While most countries, including my very own lupang hinirang, are struggling to dilute its dependence on oil, India is set to start producing the world's first commercial air-powered vehicle.

Some 6,000 zero emission air cars are schedule to hit the street in August 2008.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007


I was really hesitant at first to buy Akon's album -- despite the fact that the price seems reasonably low, that my kids were egging me for it and I have heard some of the songs already and quite like it, and somehow I myself was tempted to buy it and rip the content to my mp3 player.

It was the "SINGAPORE SPECIAL EDITION" label that put a chill on my impulse. Reputedly a nanny state, it is expected to trim most of the expletives which would surely affect the music's artistic beauty. The store staff told me that this is not the case this time around. My fear was not really that unfounded and he himself was totally disgusted with what they did with Eminem's album before. To prove his case that this place has come of age, he insisted that I take my time listen to the (whole) album first. I know that wouldn't be necessary. I just picked the song Smack That which featured Eminem and that solidified my resolve to part with my money.

As a parent, of course I wish I could keep this world sterile and do away with all "parental advisory" stuffs. But I know it is next to impossible and would even be detrimental with my kids development and maturity. The best that I can do is walk through life with them, which in this case, immersed to their music, and hopefully help them distinguished what's good and evil and apply them to real world.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Road to perdition

The Vatican has temporarily veered away from theology and resort to "creative pedagogy" by issuing ten commandments in driving. It's practically about road courtesy, preventing road rage and accidents.

If you ask me, there is nothing sacrilegious about this. In fact, the "divine" should somehow, at least in my opinion, relate or translate to practical living. I go with the suggestion to meditate/pray before and after driving. That would keep you calm and be more compassionate with other road users. But while driving? I don’t so. It would be a tricky stunt. Driving and praying are from two different realms .

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The next generation

Why I'm not really that surprised that Arthur has his own blog already? I half expected it to be riddled with MTV's and songs from his fav band that's why it's no surprise seeing the contents. Except for heavy use of singlish, which I already castigated him, I'm really impressed.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Acid test

and now the end is near,
and so I face the final curtain...

I'm sure most of you are familiar with these lines from Sinatra's famous yet sometimes "fatal" (people were reportedly shot, knifed or mauled to death just singing this song) ballad. It's not a fave of mine and won't be musing on it though.

Erap's six-year plunder is expected to close today with final argument. The verdict is expected within 60 days. Of course, that's discounting the lenghty motions and appeals that may follow. Failing to convict the late dictator Marcos and his cronies for crimes they committed, this is a second chance to prove that justice, albeit slow grinding, can be enforced in our country.

Qouting the prosecution...
Estrada’s acquittal would “sound the final death knell for good governance in our country and irreversibly doom our generation to decades of abject poverty caused by the pernicious effects of continuing pervasive corruption”.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ooops, they did it again!

Ramos did it with Robin Padilla without much funfare. He did it "clandestinely" but unfortunately, media got wind of it. He was wise enough to keep mum and let the news died a natural death.

Erap did it with Dolphy's son. He did it in good faith claiming he didn't realized Dolphy's son was on the pardon list that he signed. Duh?!

Now it's La Gloria's turn. She has commuted the sentence of convicted rapist Jaloslos from life to 16 years. Behold, since he had served the 13, he will be out in 3.

It despicable enough that they are letting the child rapist out, but justifying it as humanitarian?! That he has health problems, and everything went thru the process of paying political debt blah, blah, blah…?!

Why not simply say it's the president's prerogative! It may not be ethical but it's legal. End of the story.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Here's to you OVC

You would have probably seen "most reverened" Oscar Cruz, D.D. Archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan on national television, muddying the already murky political scene in Pinas. He now seems to have reservation about the planned Papal visit and appealing thru his blog for Benedict to reconsider. It's not really surprising that he cited how unsafe and corrupt the Philippines because of how madame Gloria is running the show.

As a politician man in robes, he should have felt it would probably be better to have the Pope to visit as it might somehow cleanse the country of its ills and hopefully cast away all the devils.

I guess OVC should be reminding himself that no servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other.

I would have posted this comment on his blogs' entry but he's cunny enough to disable that. I guess the "infalliable" Oscar doesn't really want to hear what the flock has to say.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

But I won't lie to you, the rumours coming true

Barely two months from merger, still getting used to wearing my new badge and yet to receive my new namecard, we are headed to be acquired by another company. Talk about the flat world where merger, acquisition, outsourcing, offshoring, what-have-you is a way of life. Where lifelong employment is, by and large, a thing of the past. One must really learn to adapt, acquire skills and knowledge to be relevant to this everchanging world.

We were told that due diligence would be at lightning speed this time. The result will be known in a month's time.

Que sera, sera. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything would be for the better. I know it's best not to worry so much on things you have little or no control at all. Easier said than done.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

All-time fave

All-time fave
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Ginataang pagi na may malunggay (stingray in coconut milk with....ano nga bang English translation ng malunggay?)

Just the mention of this food would trigger my salivary glands, the smell of which would make me drool. Okay, the last one was an exaggeration. But I kid you not when I say that this would be it if I would be in a deathrow and given a choice of my last meal.

This food which I prefer spiced up is a dead give away that I'm a Bicolano. A true-blue at that since my Tatay and Nanay were originally from the Bicol region. This is actually a family favourite. A dish I usually requested my Nanay to cook whenever I visit Pinas. My wife, Sallie, naturally learnt the dish. An act of her undying love which I'm really very grateful. She cooked this one, btw.

bon appetit!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Off to camp and fasten your seatbelt

Boy scout lamon
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Arthur will be away for 4 days for his scout camp. Sending him away on camps greatly improves his level of maturity. He's grown wiser over the years. Way beyond his years that he now sometimes challenge my way of thinking. But I'm not complaining. Being a pilosopo myself, I know that critical thinking would be an indispensable tool for him in his life journey.

From 1500kbps, my broadband speed was upgraded by my service provider to a new blazing speed of 3Mbps without an added cost. Again, I'm not complaining...:p