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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Dinky Winky

Urrgh! There goes one of the best cabinet member of our time. Dinky Soliman is leaving DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development), just because GMA has to honor her political promise to Noli Boy the VP.

For the record, I rooted for Gloria on the last election. Rooted and not voted... dahil sa mga komikerong mambabatas natin. Just imagine, as a permanent resident of another country, kailangan kong pumirma attesting na babalik ako ng Pinas within the next three years. Ano sila hilo?! Para bang may naghihintay sa akin sa Pinas. At one point in time, inamin ni Nene Pimentel (the filibusterer) na flawed yung condition na yon . It was too little too late. Anyway, that's another story. Nasaan na ba tayo? Ahhh…kay Ate Glo nga pala. I'd been into countless debates sa mga kapwa ko OFW's dito sa Singapore defending her. It's a pity that our country had to choose between the lesser of evil.

Everyone within the government circle, and even the opposition are in unison na effective talaga si Mommy Dinky. For Juan's sake, bakit kailangang palitan?! GMA is back on her old ways. Maano bang tigilin na yang pamumulitika. Our country really needs to bite the bullet. Everything will get worse before it gets better. Fine, at this juncture no choice na tayo. But por dios por santo, Misis Presy should do away with politics!

Payback time! Dinky hits the bullseye. It's not a secret that even scalawags, druglords, jueteng lords, and people with vested interest helped propel GMA to presidency. I hope and pray that Gloria won't pay them back as generously…=(