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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Water Therapy

labopmaylayf: Sallie, Arthur, Alex and Abby
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It was one of those long week that by Friday, I felt miserable and totally exhausted, mind and body. I was thinking of having a couple of beers or a shot or two of tequila and probably drift away to slumberland watching anything in the tube. But all that changed when Sallie confirmed that they will go for a dip. I know the danger associated with water and a couple of minutes even in wading pool could mean life and death for kids, so I just dragged myself along.

The water was therapeutic that after a few laps, I fet lighter and relaxed. I should be doing more of this, I suppose.

We decided to settle for wanton noodle for dinner near the interchange. After much pestering from my eldest, I gave in and we all watched X-men 3. We did watch 1 and 2, so it's just natural that we watch the last stand together. The last scene showing Magneto, now human because of the antidote that 'cured' his mutation, attempting to move chess piece made of metal makes me feel that the title maybe a misnomer. I'm smelling a sequel.