mga kwento at haka-haka ni kakang pepe

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Election Day

A couple of weeks back the parliament was dissolved and the stage was set for today's election. After a week, though the walkover in favour of the ruling party failed to regain instant majority during nomination which was always almost the case, it is still is considerable. About a week was set for the campaign. Astonishing! Election campaigning seems to be the air that every damn politicians in Pinas is breathing. At any rate, the ruling party will still be in power, no question about that. It's only a question of how big is that majority. With last quarter's growth of 10%, considering the affluence of Singapore, the economy is upbeat. Unemployment is at its record low.

Mudslinging and wild accusations, which is so fcuk!%& common in Pinas, is in check here. At one time one group of the opposition tried to do this type of thirdworld politicking but was quickly reminded that unless they can prove it, he might as well stick with real issues. Unless you really have a beef that you can prove, legally that is and not thru publicity, you cannot go around with wild allegations here in Singapore. They will surely haul your ass to court and end up most probably with only the shirt on your back. Libel case will burn your house to the ground.

Votes will be cast until 8pm and the count would practically be over by 10pm, not considering overseas votes. With a good margin that makes overseas vote worthless, the result will be out by dawn.

Tang'na! Sa lupain ng ginto't bulaklak, counting votes is for the books. And even though it takes eternity, everyone is expected to question the result!