mga kwento at haka-haka ni kakang pepe

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A visit to the A&E

I had to take an urgent half day leave yesterday to bring my eldest son to the hospital. A day before, he slipped and injured himself playing basketball at school. Having seen and experienced various sport injuries myself, the smartaleck in me "diagnosed" it to be just a mionor sprain and decided to secure the injury with a splint and observe.

Somehow, having played the game myself since I was about his age, I knew accidents such as this would bound to happen. Of course Sallie was quick to the draw in blaming me for encouraging my son to take up the sport.

We took a cab to Tan Tok Seng Hospital (TTSH) where the GP doctor referred us for a more comprehensive diagnosis, which in this case would surely involve x-ray. I almost mistakenly entered to the geriatrics sections since it is just beside the A&E. Seeing elderly people wheeled around in various disheartening conditions makes me think about growing old. It seems to be a curse.

TTSH, which was founded by a philanthropist by the very same name, was the ground zero when SARS hit the country a couple of years back and would take no chances for a similar outbreak. Only one person is allowed to assist a patient--that is after a screening which is basically body temp taking and few questions. I know for a fact that Pinoy nurses are abound in hospitals here in Singapore but still, I can't help but marvel really seeing them in droves. My son was even attended by a kabayan, Doctor Roger Orcino Aguilar. I would like to thank him, by the way, for making us really at ease with the place.

Fortunately, it is only a small fracture barely visible from the x-ray and only requires to be casted for a couple of weeks.