mga kwento at haka-haka ni kakang pepe

Monday, August 23, 2004


licence or license ?....parehas lang yon!

putcha! akala ko nakaiwas na ako sa hinayupak na TV licence na yan. aside from a rattlesnake, this is one of those things that I dreaded seeing in my mailbox...bagong bayarin!

trivia time...

here in singapore, once you have a TV set installed, you have to pay a license that will set you back by about 4k pesos per year.

amazed ka ba?!

actually, it is just one of those licenses and permits that everyone here abhor. just to cite a few more, you need license for your car radio, for owning a dog, to engage in kinky sex to sell your wares, etc.

alam mo bang pati yung bulag, bingi or what-have-you, na nagpe-perform sa mga underpass, overpass, sidepass (tabing kalye?) ay may permit?!