mga kwento at haka-haka ni kakang pepe

Monday, September 20, 2004


patapos na ang fiscal year dito sa company namin, and as usual, appraisal period na naman.

this past couple of years, we have been using an objective type of appraisal system based on declared goals and objectives, which must tangible and quantifiable. it should be well in chorous with the immediate group's G&O. the same system is used to gauge performances of management employees, from the CEO down to the lowest level (management level lang ha!).

di na kasama sa barometer kung palagi ka bang late or sandamakmak ang sick leave mo.

there's a saying that no such thing as a perfect system, but at least this one minimizes the subjectivity. something that would keep you focused and motivated.

so what's the implication?

kung puro fa-cute ka lang, you would be exposed and (probably) weeded out.

on the other side of the coin, every year would be an uphill climb because once you hit your target, you are forced to up the ante the following year.

scary, right? not really!

it's a strategy game (at least for me), just know the rules and go around it. a caveat though, you must be craftier than your boss to execute this manuever. look at the trend of every attributes and haggle for the barest minimum. Of course, you should do your homework and be damn prepared to defend your case. also, expect some arm twisting from your boss and exercise due pliancy.

do I sound immoral or unethical? i don't think so! anyway you will be putting the same amount of shit (read: work), yet reaping more.

so what do you get for all these chicanery?

not much really.

dito lang naman nakasalalay ang year-end bonus, salary increment at stock options mo.