mga kwento at haka-haka ni kakang pepe

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Amniocentesis, deal or no deal?

After so much dilly-dallying, we finally relented with the OB to have Sallie went through amniocentesis. It was her young age of 35 that put her at risk, and understandably, like all well-meaning parents-to-be, we fervently objected that chromosomal defect is a possibility. Add to the fact that the procedure is invasive, costly (S$900) and pose certain risks (miscarriage, club foot), however minute, we decided to go for the triple test to gauge the risk instead. Sadly, the result of which forced the issue.

I know that a positive result, which is expected in 2 weeks, would put us in a really dreadful dilemma.

Please pray for us...