mga kwento at haka-haka ni kakang pepe

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


there is a rumor brewing that our company will have a retrenchment exercise. i'm not sure about the veracity of this, but I believe that if there is smoke, there is fire. if that's the case, this would be the second in as many decades of our company's existence in this liliputan country.

who cares?! not me for sure.

first, I'm protected by quite a number of line of defenses. for sure they wouldn't dare touch the engineering department. it's not only that we are understaffed, our department also doesn't rely much on the demand and supply thingy. we do the same amount of shit (profanity borrowed from a moron here in our office) regardless of that dumb trend, which by the way, has it's peaks and troughs all year round--year, after year, after year. second, if meritocacy would be the order of the day, as it was and will always be--as reiterated by our MD, it is so unlikely that I will get hit (magbuhat ba ng sariling bangko?..hehehe!).

honestly, i wouldn't mind staying. life here is not as stressful compared to other companies on the same industry. but I wouldn't mind getting the pink slip either, it would be a breather after toiling here for almost nine years. i know of few companies who would be more than happy to take me in, but can't do so because of their tie up with our company. a change in environment would be good, specially if it comes with a good severance pay. a precedence of a month's pay for every year of service plus 3 months pay would be princely.