mga kwento at haka-haka ni kakang pepe

Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year!!!

It's unusually cold and raining here in Singapore as if reflecting the mood of the year that is coming to an end. Maybe not that cold compared to the northern hemisphere, but unusually cold and wet in this time of the year for this country just one degree north of the equator. I guess the sky is crying to purge out all the aches and pain so that tomorrow will be devoid of them. I may sound gloomy but really I'm hopeful. I'd even asked my wife to buy round fruits and whatever is necessary to usher the luck for the coming year.

I do have some new year resolutions and wishes but I'd rather keep them to myself. Those close to me may already know them or least have a hint of what they are. I remember when I was younger and celebrating New Year's eve in Pinas that after the revelry, around 2 or 3 in the morning, just when the smog began to settle, no matter how boozed up or doped I was, I would light 3 small firecrackers, usually "triangulo" and made 3 wishes.

May this coming year be prosperous, peaceful, full of joy and may God be with us all!