mga kwento at haka-haka ni kakang pepe

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Ooops..He Did It Again!

Most analysts said that he wouldn't have won if the rest of the world voted--but 51% of Americans thought otherwise. Oh well, after everything had been said and done, he will be again at the helm of this world's most powerful country.

Like most civilized people, I cannot comprehend the rationale of attacking a sovereign country based on false and fabricated pretenses---against the collective wisdom of the rest of the world. Hopefully he now realized this and be less hawkish. The place is now a quagmire---today's Vietnam they say.

There's no easy way out for him. I'm sure that in his privacy he is biting his fingernails and hope that he had listened. But that's too late now. Pity on him!

Oil has breached the supply and demand balance. The finite supply is estimated to dry up in few more decades and this Texan, despite the high price, is busy filling up the 700 million barrel of reserve to fuel the engine of the biggest consumer.

Theoretically, someone powerful, wise, moral and righteous is necessary to control the world. But if this someone is only powerful and none of the rest, and only interested in his nation's interest, we begin to worry.

Who will police the police?