mga kwento at haka-haka ni kakang pepe

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Babibee...Kwentong Pinas

Jollibee with Abby, Alex and Sallie
Pinoy blood really run in my kids veins, or rather in their taste buds. The whole time we were in Pinas, I loss count of the times we visited Jollibee. I know that there were also countless times, with their doting tito's and tita's, they absconded just to have their fill and for that, I'm very much thankful to all my siblings. Not that I saved few bucks (eating out is really not that painful on the purse in Pinas) but for the love and attention they showered my kids with. It would have been sweeter if Jolibee didn't delist my all-time favorite on their spread, the Aloha (remember the burger with a slice of pineapple and bits of bacon?).

This picture was taken during Abby and Alex birthday celebration on our second day in Pinas. Thanks to my Ate Dhea for taking care of the logistics . Dispensa to all my kumare's and kumpare's for not letting them know, it was a haphazard event. So much for the alibi, I'm still indebted to all of you. Forgive me for the time being, babawi na lang ako (gasgas na yata ito...hahaha!).

The party was hillariously fun, the kids really loved it! It was capped with me dirty dancing with the Jollibe mascot, can you believe that!