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Thursday, February 17, 2005

National ID System

Recent terrorist bombings revived the need for the national ID system which Lacson (a fan of the "Father of Singapore", Lee Kuan Yew) said has been on the backburner since 2001. I hope our idiots lawmakers are jolted enough to make this happen.

It is true that you have to trade in a bit of your privacy and freedom if you want security. I guess the choice now is quite obvious. Except of course for left leaning groups, like Bayan Muna, who blabber against about anything and everything and yet always come short of realistic alternatives. Political opposition is beginning to be as annoyingly absurd as them. See Rez Cortez and Nino Muhlach lately on their midst? That how absurd they have become!

Don't misconstrued me as a fan of GMA either! She's despicable as well!!! It's just that the opposition is pathetically worse than her. Before I digress to much…

Nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide.

Basically, this ID will keep track of each and everyone (here in Singapore you are required to update your place of abode which is reflected on the IC) and legitimize existence. The logic is simple: you want big brother to protect you, let him know you exist.

This ID system can in fact simplify everything. Like here in Singapore, the IC (identification certificate or for us, ID) is the only requirement when dealing with about anything, including motel check-in. I discovered this few months back, with my wife in tow. Don't expect me to do a Freudian…hehehe!

Those who swear by true democracy is claiming that the ID system can be abused (as if without it you are not vulnerable). Maybe, but then again, once you weigh the pros and cons, the former will surely stand out. The system can be fine tuned to minimize the cons, anyway.

At the first glance of my IC number for my PR (permanent residency), I can't help but smile with the simplicity and ease of it. It was easily etched on my memory and I just love this number:


Talk about rhyme and reason…;)


"Release Misuari!"

This came from no less than Congressman Imee Marcos (just typing her name gives me that loathful shiver) and tough guy Davao Mayor Duterte.

Imee is saying that the rickety snail-paced wheel of justice precipitated the attack and it's best to release Nur. This would stroke terrorist's ruffled feathers and thus, will halt them from doing their evil acts. This is the same wheel that worked pretty well for them (the Marcoses). I'm wondering, why is she disenchanted with it now? There are two words that I can best describe long gone Ferdie, intelligent and greedy. Apparently, mademoiselle only inherited the latter.

I was aghast hearing it though from Duterte, the fearless unwavering mayor of Davao. Criminals, specially those minors and petty ones that were scythed out of the face the earth summarily, shudder just hearing his name. His tough stance made Davao one of the "most peaceful" place in Pinas. Cowed, huh?!