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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Di larang merokok

The world is getting smaller for smokers here in Sg. Starting July 1, smoking, which is already prohibited even in open spaces like bus stops and taxi stands, will also be banned practically in hawkers . If gruesome reminders on each pack of cigarettes and astronomically high price due to the levy imposed (a pack of 20's will cost you about S$12 or about Php400) failed to curtail nicotine consumers, this might do the trick to help choke the demand.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hockey Pokey Arthur

Hockey Pokey Arthur

My eldest son's school hockey team, which was haphazardly formed and trained less than a month ago, competed in the "Under 12" league today. Surprisingly, despite being ill-prepared, they managed to reach the quarterfinal before the more-experienced school quashed them.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mee Rebus

Mee Rebus

Literally means boiled noodles. Which is of course misleading given the fact that this egg noodles, sold decades ago by itinerant hawkers, is generously in a thick, spicy and slightly sweet gravy, garnished elaborately with boiled eggs, dried garlic, sliced fresh green chillies, bean curd cubes added with a dash of dark soy sauce and fresh calamansi.

To "liven" up the taste even more, you could add sambal blacan (chilli paste). But if you are not really into spicy stuff and don't intend to visit the loo as often, I suggest you add as little as possible initially and gradually increase to suit your taste bud.

At first glance it might remind you of our very own palabok, but parekoy, this tastes definitely more "exciting". It's a fusion of Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisine but in most likelihood, you will find it in Malay stalls.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The long and winding road

Bakar Batu Road

Pasado alas nuwebe na akong nakauwi kagabi. Sa kadahilanang nasa industrial site ang company namin, tipong deserted at mangilan-ngilan na lang ang mga sasakyan na dumadaan, lalo na ang taxi. Baka amagin ako sa kakahintay kaya minabuti kong maglakad papunta sa main road na hindi rin naman kalayuan.

Tamang senti habang naglalakad ako at para pang nakikiramay ang mood ng paligid kaya inilabas ko ang 6230i at yang picture sa kaliwa ang produkto.

Maaga sanang ako nakalabas. May usapan kami ni esmi na susunduin ko s'ya. Off ko na sana ang pc ko bandang alas sais ng mag-ring and DID phone ko. Dammit! hindi magandang senyales. Akala ko pa naman naplantsa ko na ang dapat plantyahin para sa isang mapayapang weekend. Ayaw ko sanang damputin, kaya lang baka lalung mapasama. Kadalasan yung malilit na problema nagiging full blown forest fire kapag hindi naagapan. Contain the issue, asap: that's the key!

Mixed feeling kapag ganitong sitwasyon. Nakakaasar kasi paalis ka na. Nakakaasar dahil alam kong basura ng pinalitan kong engineer ang lilinisin ko. Eating somebody else' shit! Isang gasgas na profanity na madalas mong maririnig sa meeting, lalo na kapag crossfunctional. Pero sa isang banda ego booster rin. Alam mong your worth every cent in your payslip, minsan feeling ko shortchanged pa nga. After assessing the situation, alam kong titigil ang mundo ng operation kapag dinedma ko sila.

Prudence and professionalism made me did the right thing: ran the extra mile...;)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

East meets west

balut at bud

Teka, ilang taon na nga ba ang nakallilipas mula ng kumain ako ng balut? Hindi ko na yata matandaan, pero sigurado akong lampas na ng sampung taon na s'yang inilagi ko dito.

Mas masarap pa rin s'yang kainin habang nakatuntong ang paa mo sa lupang tinubuan at ang panulak mo ay malamig na San Miguel beer.

Ngapala, pasalamat ako sa Auntie Jess na tiyahin ni esmi na nagpadala neto. Taga Taguig si Auntie kay naturalmente na may kasamang sangkatutak na itlog na maalat. Pasalamat na rin kami kay MeAi na asawa ng pinsan ni misis na si Robert na nagawi dito para sa isang seminar.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

R&R: Be forewarned

Although admittingly, I'm dying to indulge in a good dose of rest and recreation, it's not what this post is all about. It's about race and religion. Unless you're so damn bored with your life with nothing better to do, you better watch it when dealing with these topics here in Sg, online or offline.

One self-styled freethinker blogger, who thinks it's pretty cute posting a caricature of Jesus as a zombie with a little child's head in mouth, is being hauled to court. Fat chance that he will go scot- free if you go by the fate of some smartaleck bloggers who poked fun at our 'brother's-in-arms prophe't few months back.

With just about 4M inhabitants, Sg is a melting pot of various race and religion and a spark left unchecked could become a big fire that can engulf the tiny republic easily.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

It's hard to be a man when there's a girl in your heart

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One of Abby's antics. Can you name the tune?

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Water Therapy

labopmaylayf: Sallie, Arthur, Alex and Abby
Originally uploaded by singkongpipe.
It was one of those long week that by Friday, I felt miserable and totally exhausted, mind and body. I was thinking of having a couple of beers or a shot or two of tequila and probably drift away to slumberland watching anything in the tube. But all that changed when Sallie confirmed that they will go for a dip. I know the danger associated with water and a couple of minutes even in wading pool could mean life and death for kids, so I just dragged myself along.

The water was therapeutic that after a few laps, I fet lighter and relaxed. I should be doing more of this, I suppose.

We decided to settle for wanton noodle for dinner near the interchange. After much pestering from my eldest, I gave in and we all watched X-men 3. We did watch 1 and 2, so it's just natural that we watch the last stand together. The last scene showing Magneto, now human because of the antidote that 'cured' his mutation, attempting to move chess piece made of metal makes me feel that the title maybe a misnomer. I'm smelling a sequel.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

You can take nothing with you but your soul

It's taboo talking about death in most societies. They say it is as if you're invoking it, which most probably arises from the fear of death itself. It is a certainty, no doubt.

Unless somebody died of a slow and painful departure, I always worry and pity about the ones left behind; specially if grim reaper is about to take their loveone in a vegetative existence and they need to come up with a dreadful decision whether or not to pull the plug. Technology now will allow you to keep someone in a vegetative state till kingdom come. Which is of course financially and emotionally draining.

Here in Sg, they have what they call the living will. It is a piece of legal document that will absolve your loveones of choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea. It has to be signed by you and two witnesses. One should be a doctor (the form is readily available from them beside the fact that they are least in the best position to gauge your sanity) and anyone of legal age who will not benefit from your demise. It is basically some sort of you controlling the end game.