mga kwento at haka-haka ni kakang pepe

Friday, September 24, 2004


the dreaded R (retrenchment) or the judgement day finally devoured some of the guys here in our company. those who got the sack were given two hours to gather their personal belongings and leave with escort. mostly, they are from the upper echelon (directors, managers), some from bloated departments, whose job scope became redundant due to merging, consolidation, restructuring, blah..blah...blah!

btw, did you know that in the olden days, your employer will literally put all your personal belongings in a sack when they kick you out? that's where the idiom "getting the sack" came from.

enough of the trivia…

it’s no secret that there will another one coming and everyone is brazing themselves as the scope and magnitude is totally unknown. we are not out of the woods yet! probably the management is still waiting for the manufacturing forecast or lockview, as the they call it, before they decide which department the axe will fall and how hard.

it's so unlikely that i will get scathed. but what if…just what if? everything is possible in this crazy world. my paranoia maybe totally uncalled for. but what really if?


by profession (or i'm cursed with it), it's my second nature to think in a "flow chart" manner. i have containment actions, long term plans, plan B and related craps that i can think of for every conceivable scenario in my life.

i'm a control freak!

in a way, i know it is good and beneficial. but it can really be annoying and depressing...even for me. sometimes, too much of a foresight can rob you of the opportunity of "living in the moment", which can really be a bummer.

"you worry so much..", do you believe that these are the exact words my eldest son Arthur, who is turning 10 next year told me?

so, what if the axe hit me?

definitely i wouldn't be sitting on my ass , splurging on my severance pay. i would definitely be combing the pages of the recruitment section, calling prospective employers, sending out resume, networking with friends. i'm assuming that i will be up and about the following month.


it is driving me nuts musing with all my "what if's". i might as well focus on whatever crap that i'm doing, continue praying and let HIM take care of the rest.