mga kwento at haka-haka ni kakang pepe

Sunday, September 26, 2004


My wife and I ended last week by watching The Terminal last Friday night. As usual, Tom Hanks was at his best acting, while Catherine Zeta-Jones was just drop-dead gorgeous. Other than it's really a hillarously entertaining good watch worth of your money (or cinema voucher for our case--points accumulated and exchanged for cinema tickets, courtesy of my corporate credit card), there' s not much i intend to spill. You may end up cursing me, in case you haven't watch it yet but intend to do so.

Life is waiting...or about it.

This is the theme of the movie that struck me to be absolutely true. At any point in time, we are waiting for something or for someone.

Okay, i'll be a bit nasty and share with you an excerpt from a dialogue between Victor (TH) and Amelia (CZJ), just a teaser...

V: We are all waiting for something.
A: What are you waiting for?
V: I'm waiting for you.

Naks! Drama di ba?!