mga kwento at haka-haka ni kakang pepe

Sunday, October 10, 2004

The Edge of Heaven

I was in nirvana yesterday, only for a moment...

Midmorning was cool, an oddity here in Singapore; the 2 boys were playing with their Yugi-Oh cards peacefully, also an oddity; Abby was in dreamland, a usual routine; the aroma of ginataang kalabasa at sitaw with alimasag, mylabsi was cooking it, seeping on every corner of the house.

There I was, a battered soul from the grinds of work and paternal responsibilities, almost at the conclusion of The Testament by John Grisham, settled at the full leather Italian couch I bought few months back. Surprisingly, I felt very light and tranquil. No aches and pain. If only I could freeze the time. What are the odds that these can happen at the same time?

Then the world came to its senses, back to its usual self.

How I wish I could have more of that moment. I heard Palawan was not in the route of typhoons from the Pacific and not even situated in any faultlines. I was thinking of getting a property there (hopefully I can afford it) to spend our golden years.

The beach is calling me every minute of my waking hours and even in my slumberworld. So once I'm done with all my responsibilities and save enough for retirement, you would definitely need to be on a chartered flight to the western side of Pinas if you want to have a chat with us. In most likelihood, you will catch us (me and my Sallie of course), cuddled at the hammock on our beach house, seeping beer or tequila and maybe a good book at hand.

Dream on...