mga kwento at haka-haka ni kakang pepe

Thursday, October 14, 2004

It's a Dog's Day

I'm not so sober as I'm blogging this, so pardon me if things seem incoherent. I bought couple of booze on my home with the intent of washing away this inauspicious day. Things got worse as the days wears off so a tranquilizer is a much welcome relief.

Eight years ago, this kind of stress build up would merit few sticks of marlboro red--and of course the booze. But that was my previous life, I called it quits after 12 years of puffing that cancer inducer. I'm now finding solace in the presence of my rowdy kids and my loving wife--and of course a little booze. A passionate lovemaking would surely drown out whatever's left of the crap that I'm feeling right now.

Day started as anxious as can be: missed the lift, annoyed by the wave of traffic red lights, missed the company bus, petc. It was worse at work. Although I expected this day to be really a struggle, I never expected my invertebrate boss to add up to the confusion by suggesting a rather distorted priorites.


I stayed back to argue, yes, argue and I won't be using that politically correct word discuss to describe my encounter with that moron production supervisor. Maybe we bicker more, with me dominating the arena. This is not the first time he was hard on my engineering operator, and I won't let him get away without a good tounge-lashing. He wants to play hardball, so be it. So much for the niceties, welcome Mr. Hyde!

You see I have people (engineering operators) under my wings who work 24/7. One of them (btw, all of them are girls) was complaining about the constant bullying of this moron who is somehow adding bureaucratic red tape to all the things that my EO is doing. I told him that if that is really his stand (btw, this moron is a singaporean--most of them are), at least have the balls to declare it so it can be deliberated on.

You cannot get something by putting someone into defensive, that's just what I did.

with kupal's (just give the guy any name) insistence, you are not, under any circumstances, allowed to directly approach any personnel from their department for any assistance without informing him. Please adhere strictly.

That was the extract of my email and I put my boss and his on the copy list to maximize the effect. I know it will trigger a chain reaction, which what I wanted. I'm pissed, better get everybody on the same boat and have the same sinking feeling.

Tomorrow is another day....