mga kwento at haka-haka ni kakang pepe

Monday, April 18, 2005

Paramdam Lang

I've been quite busy these days and I'm glad I was able to at least update everyone that I'm still "alive". I worry though that I'll be sucked back to the state of hiatus because of the same reason. Hopefully not.

It's been stressful deciding on the dilemma that I faced recently. There was this good opportunity to graze in a greener pasture which I decided to pass up on. The reason: though the financial windfall is really tempting, work will be constantly breathing down my nape which will jeopordize my personal time.

I was determined to have a graceful exit, just in case, and tried to finish most of the projects or at least make headways. There's no point tarnishing the image that I worked hard on the past 9 years. I'm experienced enough to discern not to burn the bridge, so to speak.

I don’t believe in putting a tab on the time I spend with my loveones and overall quality of life, but that offer made me really reconsider. Anyway, I'm glad it was over, I'm staying put.