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Thursday, May 19, 2005

And The Saga Continues

I booked 4 tickets online for the movie Star Wars Episode 3 (The Revenge of the Sith) this coming Friday night. The tickets are for me, my wife and my two boys, Alex and Arthur. If you are familiar with the "herd", you would notice that my little princess Abby is not joining us for obvious reason. She would certainly be a nuisance and dampen the mood not just for us, but for other viewers as well.

The timing is just perfect being Friday and close to payday (although admittedly that this kind of expenses really don't make a dent). Arthur's semestral exam (midyear) is over while Alex doesn't have it. They are continuously revamping the education system here to make it less stressfull for students without compromising on the quality. They removed the quarterly examinations and in some levels, like in primary 1, even midyear exams. In case you are not aware, Singapore is in the cream of the crop in Science and Math in recent surveys. Fret not, we are second...from the bottom of the heap. Damn! We are not making any headway, we are simply heading south at a steep rate!

I'm getting off-tangent...

We're really are a follower of the Star Wars saga, specially Arthur. Though he was too young when the earlier sequels came out, we have a collection of them. Off the cuff, he can narrate all the sequels and prequels. It's just natural that we watch this one as well. And although we can just wait for it to come out in DVD (or maybe head to Malaysia for a a pirated copy) and watch it in the comfort of home with my Bose home theater system, there's no denying that nothing can come close watching it on the big screen on the first showing week with nachos and popcorns. Besides, watching your fave movie with your parent is a memory a child would cherish forever. I still remember the day my father, with my younger brother, watched ET when I was in primary school in Makati Square and ate Hawaiian Pizza at Shakey's after the show. This is one memory with my father that is etched deeply in my memory. **sigh*** How I wish he's still around...