mga kwento at haka-haka ni kakang pepe

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Crab Mentality, Politics, Nepotism, Ethnocentricity, Etc...

Almost a decade working outside Pinas, been exposed to people of different nationalities, I'm one to say that it sometimes preferable working with other people rather than your own. I know there's a number of us, specially those who work outside Pinas, who sometimes feel the same. It's true that in certain degree, all these maladies are present in other nationalities. But for some Pinoys, it becomes a way of life. Is it really in our pedigree or in our culture?! I'm inclined to be believe that it's the latter.

Sure, working with your own has it own pros. The camaraderie is different, you feel more at home. But if your job is somehow in conflict with their interest (just like mine whose job includes developing systems and make sure everyone adheres), you better brace yourself. We are notorious for "shortcuts", always finding the easy way out even if it's detrimental to the whole. This is where it becomes nasty. Trabaho lang walang personalan! I'm duty-bound to tick them off for not toeing the line. I do it as objective as possible but they get slighted and take it personally just the same.

It's like being in a Survivor series. You can't be to weak or too strong, lest they will boot you out.